At American Pie we have a tradition of great food at a low price. American Pie has been open since 2006 and has become one of the top rated buffets in Metro-Detroit. We have a lot of great items that we can provide for your parties. Now bring the greatest pizza show to your front door with our catering.

And now, on with the show…

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Pie Wings
- 50 Wings $36.99 / 100 Wings $73.98
Deep fried to a perfect golden crisp then glazed with your choice of our famous sauce. BBQ. Teriyaki. Mild. Hot. Inferno.
(boneless wings also available)

Chicago Style BBQ Boneless Pork Bites
- $12.99 lb.
Pork bites slow-cooked to perfection. One bite and you'll fall in love.
Detroit Double Baked Deep Dish
- Cheese +1 Topping $19.99 / Extra Toppings $3.99
32 slice party tray with cheese and choice of topping(s).
Grandma’s Meatballs
- Half Tray $24.99 / Full Tray $54.99
A tray of our homemade meatballs covered in marinara sauce.
Baked Mostacolli
- Half Tray $39.99 / Full Tray $54.99
Mostacolli noodles covered in our homemade marinara sauce baked to perfection with mozzarella cheese on top. Extras: mushrooms, meatballs, or meat sauce.
Chicken BLT Salad
- Half Tray $29.99 / Full Tray $49.99
Romaine and iceberg lettuce blend, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, bacon pieces, fajita chicken and red onions.
Spinach Salad
- Half Tray $29.99 / Full Tray $49.99
Fresh Spinach, feta cheese, tomatoes, bacon pieces, and fajita chicken.
Garden Salad
- Half Tray $19.99 / Full Tray $30.99
Iceberg lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, green peppers, red onions, yellow peppers, mushrooms.
Greek Salad
- Half Tray $24.99 / Full Tray $36.99
Romaine Lettuce, beets, feta cheese, yellow peppers, black olives, red onion.
Antipasto Salad
- Half Tray $24.99 / Full Tray $36.99
Iceberg lettuce, Ham, Salami, Tomatoes, Cheese, Mild peppers.
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