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Flame Thrower Challenge!
1. You must finish a whole Flame Thower Pizza and two habaneros in less than 10 minutes. Then you must go five minutes without water.
2. You will be given a glass of water or a cup of blue cheese during the ten minutes to eat or drink with the pizza.
3. If you can complete the whole challenge you will win a T-shirt and your picture on the Wall of Flame.
4. The contest is $10 to enter, and if you complete the challenge you will receive your money back.

American Pie® offers a "Night At The Pie" fundraising program for local organizations within the community. Invite your school organization, sports team, or church group to dine at American Pie® on any Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday evening between the hours of 4-8pm or 5-9pm, and your group will receive 15% of the register receipts! Simply print/submit our online form to schedule your “Night at the Pie” Fundraising Dinner.

Birthdays & Team Parties
Large groups are always welcome at American Pie®. Just give us 24 hours notice, and we will reserve tables to accomodate your guests. Celebrating a special occasion? Come down to the Pie, and celebrate with us! We'll even set up balloons at your tables along with the name of the celebrant on our chalkboard to greet them when they arrive. Feel free to bring your own table decorations, cake, and ice cream to make your party festive. Our staff will be happy to assist you, and your guests. High chairs, and booster chairs are available upon request.
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